"Packed with action, conflict, drama, and true romance, everything fit together in perfect harmony."

Vianna Renaud, TCM Reviews

"ONE FOOT FORWARD is an extremely stimulating and heart-searching story."

Romance Junkies

"Rose Middleton has written a tale that will draw you in and not let you go..."

Fallen Angel Reviews,

"This is an inspiring story. Their story and conflicts are realistic and engrossing, and the supporting characters are as well drawn as the main ones."

Maura, Coffee Time Romance.

"The sex scenes were steamy and well written and I really enjoyed seeing them lose their inhibitions with each other."

The Romance Studio

"...a story of unbelievable courage. It will put petty problems and annoyances into instant perspective."

Alice Klein, Sime-Gen



One Foot Forward

How do you thank someone for saving your life? Molly Keating's never found the right words to thank Mick Knight for saving her from the car accident that almost killed her and left her severely injured. When she learns the hunky fire fighter is up for auction at a charity fundraiser, she figures the very least she can do is bid to take him to dinner and explain her gratitude.

Mick is thrilled to seen Molly again, but he hates to see the self-doubt that is so evident in her beautiful hazel eyes. The charismatic Mick, with his commanding sex appeal and devilish charm sets out to put the spark back into the woman he’s been unable to forget.

When Mick followed his fire-fighting father into a career that too often leads to an early grave, he knew the risks. Mick long accepted that he may have no future and has avoided relationships out of fear—fear of commitment and fear of risk.

As the passion between them ignites and the feelings build Mick finds that he must make a choice and Molly finds herself wondering if the impossible just might be possible.

Do they live the rest of their life in fear or do they follow their hearts and take a chance…on love?

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"She is a very gifted storyteller that blends a remarkable read that should not be missed."

Romance at Heart

"Just as I was beginning to think romances were too unrealistic, Ms. Middleton offers up a beautiful story with real people and real issues."

Jennifer McKenzie,
Romance Divas

"One Foot Forward is an inspiration to everyone, and teaches the lesson that a person's completeness has nothing to do with the physical body! This moving story has genuine characters, and each page furthered the hopeful and indomitable tone of the story."

LindseyAnn Denson,

"One Foot Forward teaches us that no one is 100% perfect and that it’s our little imperfections that make us so lovable.I would recommend this book to all."

Tasha Fisher, JERR

"As a fan of firefighters I enjoyed reading of a happy ending. It was very eloquent and beautiful. Well done Ms. Middleton, well done."

Robin, My Book Cravings


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