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Until Now

Macy Jackson moved to Melbourne to follow her dream of being an actress, but one stupid mistake turned that dream into a nightmare. Now Macy is wondering whether she made the right choice; her reality of tending bar and pulling beers until the wee hours of the morning stinks to high heaven. But Hell will have to freeze over before she admits that to anyone. Especially the hound dog her brother has sent after her.

When his best friend asks him to bring Macy home, Lucius Devon senses that success will earn him some serious brownie points. Maybe he’ll be able to ditch the “town rebel” tag once and for all and win over the town’s mayor, Macy’s father. But the minute he sees the dangerous curves Macy has developed, his plans go out the window. Miss Smart Mouth has no intention of going back, so perhaps he can uncover her secrets and find something to lure her home with.

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Can You Keep A Secret?

Can you keep a secret?
I don’t suppose you can.
I’m your secret Santa.
Resist my wicked plan!

It’s winter in Melbourne, Australia and investigative journalist Jesse Fox doesn’t want to participate in the Christmas in July gimmick his boss has instigated. He’s about to turn in hisI really don’t want to play this game note to the coordinator when he receives a mysterious package, which holds the most enticing dare he can imagine. Can he uncover the identity of his secret Santa before her titillating gifts drive him insane? 

As an administrative assistant in the biggest television network in town, Penny Lane should have better things to do than run the secret Santa gift exchange and coordinate a weekend retreat in the snow. Yet the game allows her to indulge in her secret fantasy with hotshot Jesse, and as her inner vixen emerges, Penny needs to keep him from realising plain Jane is behind the salacious gifts. 

Penny must decide if the friendship they share is more important than the possibility of spending the weekend retreat in Jesse’s bed. Exactly what will Jesse do once he uncovers the woman behind the red lace garter and the fur-lined handcuffs?

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Glamour Puss

Liam Knox is beautiful, hot, tempting and ultra-confident. Everything a high-priced fashion model should be. Detective Ellie Bassi isn’t denying he’s sexy as sin, but that’s not why she’s watching his every move. She’s following his toned behind for one reason and one reason only: to catch a murderer. And Liam is the prime suspect in the string of Glamour Murders.

Undercover as the head designer at Glamour Puss Designs, she’s on a mission to find a killer whose victims include the previous lead detective on the case. While every bit of circumstantial evidence points to the hard-bodied Liam, Ellie’s instincts tell her he isn’t the one. But someone with an inside edge in the Melbourne fashion world is, and she needs to uncover the killer’s identity before she becomes the next victim.

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Once upon a time, Alexis Benedict and Lorenzo De Luca were lovers and thick as thieves, literally, but the romance died when a job went wrong and Lorenzo left Alexis behind. Alexis has plotted her revenge for five years, and the privately owned cruise ship, the Lazarus, gives her the perfect opportunity.


With the world’s largest sapphire on display and Lorenzo guaranteed to be in attendance, Alexis has every step planned in the finest detail. Alexis never factored in the strength of the chemistry between her and Lorenzo, and when she discovers the life and death reason why he needs the sapphire, Alexis must decide between her desire for revenge and Lorenzo’s freedom.

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One Foot Forward Cover.JPG
One Foot Forward


How do you thank someone for saving your life? Molly Keating had never found the right words to thank Mick Knight for saving her from the car accident that almost killed her and left her severely injured. When she learns the hunky firefighter is up for auction at a charity fundraiser, she figures the very least she can do is bid to take him to dinner and extend her gratitude. Mick is thrilled to seen Molly again, but he hates to see the self-doubt that is so evident in her beautiful hazel eyes. The charismatic Mick, with his commanding sex appeal and devilish charm, sets out to put the spark back into the woman he's been unable to forget.


When Mick followed his fire-fighting father into a career that too often leads to an early grave, he knew the risks. He long ago accepted that he may have no future, and thus has avoided relationships out of fear-fear of commitment and fear of risk. As the passion between them ignites and the feelings build, Mick finds that he must make a choice, and Molly finds herself wondering if the impossible just might be possible. Do they live the rest of their lives in fear, or do they follow their hearts and take a chance. . .on love?

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