Love Under Fire Series

Romantic Suspense

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You Think You're Safe


Love is in the air

As the town cop, Neville Wilson has won the trust and faith of the locals. He’s done his best to keep the tragedy of his past hidden but the arrival of Annie Wells is testing his silent vow to never get involved again. Not after last time. But her flirting and his attraction are conspiring against him and before he knows it, he’s asking her out on a date and putting his heart on the line.

An ominous first date

What was supposed to be a 3-month stay has turned into a permanent relocation for Annie and her teenage daughter, Millie. They have found a pace of life they adore and she has her brother to thank. But it’s her brother’s boss who really has her attention. She hasn’t felt this attracted to a man in a long time, but juggling dating and a teen with attitude is no easy feat.

Wills Crossing thinks it’s safe, but a prison break brings back an old foe, and he’s intent on teaching the small town a lesson it’ll never forget.

The Air You Breathe

She can still remember her last breath.
Lyla Freedman died eight months ago in a random attack she never saw coming. Every time she closes her eyes, she can still feel the hands of her murderer squeezing her neck until everything fades to black. Her killer was never caught but he’s haunted her dreams ever since. Deciding a new start is in order, she swaps city life for a small town. Returning to her birth place, she assumes control of her family’s rundown B&B, only to unexpectedly run into the cop who saved her life.

Time to slow down.
After being shot during his last case, Bill Marsden is taking personal leave. Booking a room at a B&B in a small alpine town, Bill arrives, only to come face to face with the woman he saved months ago. He’s often dreamed about her, wondering what happened to her and how she was getting on, and what he finds is as unexpected as it is worrying. 

He can remember her last breath, too, and this time, he plans to snuff it out for good.


Say You Love Me

Undercover and on a deadline.
Investigative reporter Hannah Striker has come to Wills Crossing to discover what on earth is going on. It’s featured in half a dozen news reports of rising crime, extortion and standover tactics, murder, bomb blasts, bushfires and most recently, the abductions of four local teens. Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, she’s caught off guard when a sweet, young constable offers a guided tour and a promise to explain everything.

He’s determined to make his life count.
Near-death experiences have a way of shining a light on the things that are important in life. Like a successful career, the respect of peers, and finding love. Constable Brandon White is well on his way to living life to the fullest. The boss is happy with his work, and his colleagues see him as more than capable. All he has left to do is find a woman to occupy his heart, but that’s proving harder than first thought. But hey, two out of three ain’t bad, right?

She’s obsessed with the young cop who saved her from certain death and she won’t let anyone else take what’s rightfully hers.