Shadow Soldiers

Ten years ago, everything went wrong. Every. Single. Thing.


Tortured by guerrilla forces and declared Killed In Action by their government, they returned home only to witness the death of their commanding officer. With nothing left to lose, they disappeared into the shadows, putting their skills to use and surviving under the radar.


A decade on and something big is about to drag them back into the light. Can these battered and bruised souls find the courage to confront the past and build a future full of freedom, hope and love?

Riley small size.jpg

RILEY - Bk 1

A promise he never thought he'd have to keep.

She knows more than she can remember.

All he has to do is keep her safe until her mind is back together, but will Shadow Soldier protecting her be one too many?



GABE - Bk 2

It's the reunion he never thought possible.

After losing everyone she loved to war, she ran far, far away.

Hunted by a man they once both trusted, can they survive long enough to figure out if they have future together?



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