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Finding Sanctuary

A Wills Crossing Contemporary Romance Series

All cover art by Angela Stevens @
wandering Souls FINAL.jpg

BOOK 1: Wandering Souls

Abigail Winter is broken…

Nursing a leg full of shrapnel and a career hanging in the balance, Abi arrives at The Sanctuary to heal, and discover the truth about the father she never knew. It should be enough, until she meets the local detective, who gives her every reason to question why she wants to return to the life that almost killed her.

Falling hard and fast is in his nature…

When a mysterious newcomer rescues his wayward dog, Detective Ray Wells finds himself enchanted by a woman who’s survived against all odds—a woman who’s only in town temporarily. Short term romance is not his thing but the chemistry between them convinces Ray to take a chance, knowing full well that if anyone’s heart is going to be crushed, it’ll be his.

Coming September 2022

*This is a spinoff from the Shadow Soldiers but can be read as a standalone.

BOOK 2: Brave Hearts

She doesn't date soldiers…

Still reeling from the catastrophic impact armed combat has had on her family, physiotherapist Danielle Fletcher flees to the countryside to escape from all things military. There's just one problem: this town is full of ex-Army personnel, including the very handsome Doctor Colt Manning.

Don’t call him a hero…

An IED in Afghanistan killed Colt Manning’s entire unit and left him severely wounded. He came to The Sanctuary to heal, but won’t hear talk of heroic acts—until he needs to perform one to save his colleague, Dani. She walked into his life six months ago and stole his affection, until she boldly declared herself off limits.

Coming December 15, 2022

Kindred Spirits FINAL.jpg

BOOK 3: Kindred Spirits

She's sure her boss hates her…

Constable Charlotte Quinn is trying everything in her power to get herself transferred out of Wills Crossing. She wants nothing more than to return to Melbourne to pursue her career in law enforcement. Until then, Quinn plans on making the most of the Crossing’s outdoor wonders.


Afghanistan left Jason Fletcher a shadow of his former self.

He’s agreed to move into The Sanctuary to appease his family, but has no expectations of getting better any time soon. With the past weighing on his mind, Fletch decides getting back to nature can’t do any harm.


A chance meeting reminds both Quinn and Fletch of the value friendship and the importance of focusing on love rather than loss.

Coming March 15, 2023

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