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Love on the Line

Romantic Suspense

All cover art by Angela Stevens @catspajamasdesign
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Gone Missing

How far is she willing to go to find her son?

PI Lucinda Green understands loss better than most people. In searching for the love of her life and their son, Lucy has found nothing but false leads and dead ends. Her boss thinks she should move on. Lucy can’t. She won’t. She begs for one last chance to prove her worth, knowing she’ll do anything to find her family.

When he set out to find the truth about his father a decade ago, Kit Martin never expected to have to go into hiding, or that he’d have to leave his childhood sweetheart in order to protect her. But when she shows up on his doorstep under a false name, he knows her arrival is no coincidence. 

Any future between Lucy and Kit rests on finding their son and dealing with the one man who’s been manipulating both their lives. Failure is not an option.

Out Now!

In Hiding

She survived a mad man…will she need to do it again?

Living in a remote location in the Australian Alps, Sarah Andersen is overwhelmed by the upkeep of the lodge she’s inherited. It’s big, it’s old and it’s in need of serious repair. Advertising for a handyman is a risk Sarah must take and when tall, dark and handsome rolls up for an interview on his Harley, she’s suddenly confronted by the very real possibility that this stranger might uncover her past and inadvertently put her and her son at risk.

Jail should’ve made him a better man, right?

Bad boy Jake Langley will admit he’s the last person anyone should send to protect their sister, but Jake finds a woman who redefines everything he thought he knew about himself, and a few ghosts from his past who remind him of the man he thought he’d become.


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Next Target

Who killed her sister?
After learning of the death of her estranged sister, Valerie Evans makes a mercy dash to Wills Crossing to care for her niece and nephew. Managing the distraught teens is challenging enough, especially as their father is implicated, but dealing with her own grief at the lost chance to reconnect with her sister, threatens to break Val.

They call him the Great Dane.

For Erik Christensen, starting over after spending the last six years in prison has its ups and downs. He has his family back and a steady, stable job he excels at, but his past follows him like a shadow. Newcomer Valerie Evans can't see beyond it, and her insistence on labelling him a 'bad boy' has Erik determined to prove her wrong.

When her sister's killer sets his sights on Val and the kids, Erik knows he won’t rest until the killer is brought to justice.


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