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To serve and protect has always been his motto...


Setting up a shop as a security consultant allows Benjamin Goodman to continue to live his life's purpose. Meeting widow, Beth Streak, Ben’s determined to be the kind of friend she can count on but the physical attraction he feels toward her puts him at risk of making a move he can’t take back.


Returning after seventeen years, Beth finds her hometown in the grip of a crime wave. Still reeling from the death of her husband two years ago, Beth needs time to heal. Meeting big Ben, she doesn’t know how to reconcile the magnetism drawing her to him and the loss of the man she vowed to cherish forever.

Ben soon learns the perpetrators of recent crimes have their sights set on Beth. Will this be the one time Ben can’t serve or protect the one he's come to care about most?

Releases December 15, 2021 - pre-order now available

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