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How does a man redeem himself after a decade of villainy?


Waking up in hospital, former Army sniper, Magnus Nettleford, can only remember his name. Not how he got here, not what gave him the enormous bruise on his temple nor the kind of man he was before. Magnus can't shake off the sensation that it might better if he didn't remember.


Nothing is more important than her son...

Nurse-turned-barmaid, Julie Davis, can’t afford to have anyone discover her true identity. On the run from her ex-husband and his father, Julie is terrified they’ll kill her and take her son. She needs help and the ex-soldier who caught her eye a month ago seems like the perfect fit, until he returns to town looking like a shadow of his former self.


Agreeing to nurse Magnus back to health, Julie expects nothing less than a full recovery. Until he begins to remember his past. Has Julie just added a third name to the list of those who might harm her and her son?

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Readers are advised that this work contains portrayals of elements such as violence, references to (prior) domestic abuse, sex scenes and profanity. 

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