Shadow Soldiers


Former Army soldier, Richard Riley, has spent the last month watching over the daughter of his deceased Commanding Officer. A price has been placed on her head and the bounty hunters are on their way. Protecting people is second nature to him and maintaining personal boundaries on the job is not usually a problem, but she stirs deeply hidden desires. A need to connect on an intimate level conflicts with his mission but it won’t be denied, and what should be a simple bodyguard gig turns into something much deeper and more life changing than he’s expecting.


ER surgeon, Hope McCafferty understands trauma all too well. At four, her mother died. At fourteen, her father was murdered. Placed in witness protection, her life was turned upside down. Ten years later and the past has come calling. Her life is in danger, but trust doesn’t come easily to Hope. When she needs someone to rely on, the scarred stranger who shows up to save her offers more than the prospect of answers. Drawn to the elusive soldier, Hope finds herself wanting to protect his injured soul and encourage him out of the shadows.


On the run from bounty hunters, Hope and Riley must uncover the truth behind her identity and the reason for the bounty, while the relationship developing between them puts trust and faith to the ultimate test.

Releasing March 15, 2021


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